Thursday, April 3, 2014

Architectural Digest Design Show at Pier 94 (The AD Show) : March 22 - 25, 2014

The Architectural Digest Design Show at Pier 94 in New York City this year ran from March 22 - 25, 2014. The AD show, as it's affectionately known amongst insiders, attracted over 30,000 high end home design enthusiasts; as well as interior designers, architects, trade professionals, furniture makers, retailers and artisans from all over the country.  Over 300 vendors presented at the show, and there were interactive events like seminars, book signings and cooking demonstrations as well.
The company reps, designers and artisans are often the people manning each booth, giving attendees a unique chance to learn about design from those at the top of their field. Presenters will even tell you stories and inspirations of their work and are very accommodating with any custom requests you can conceive of.
Unlike merely browsing a design book or magazine, you can actually touch, see, and feel all the home design pieces to truly marvel at the great craftsmanship you typically don't see in mainstream stores that focus on mass produced goods. 
Below we've rounded up some of our favorite scenes from the 2014 AD Show.
These are steel cast bean bag chairs by Grey Area in Greenpoint Brooklyn, they represent work by many independent artisans
Large handmade glass wall installations by Abby Moddell inspired by colorful confectionary treats
This is the booth of Farrow and Ball, a British maker of paints.  Their product is clay based, not latex or plastic based, and therefore VOC free.  Colors are rich and even the wall paper is painted with their paint for a more vibrant look
Gorgeous paper pulp lamps by Patrick Weder
Stunning photography of flowers by David Leaser - images are printed in high gloss over aluminum for a perfect sheen

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Macaron Day - Various Locations, New York City - March 20, 2014

Anyone who loves macarons knows that there are many superb french pastry shops that make them, but they all taste different depending on which shop you get them from.  For anyone who wants to find the perfect macaron, the annual Macaron Day in New York City offers the perfect opportunity to taste test all the macarons from the top French bakeries around town.

How it works:

Every year, a select group of French pastry shops give out free macarons on Macaron Day (one free macaron per shop per person).

Go to the Macaron Day website every year in March to find a map or list of all the participating french pastries

On Macaron Day, get into comfortable walking shoes and hop on the subway/bus to taste test macarons around town.  The great thing about doing this is that you also get to visit many different parts of New York City, which is a great idea for out of town travelers and tourists.

The Best Part:

If you do decide to buy macarons on Macaron Day, a percentage of proceeds go to a good cause for City Harvest.

Our verdict:

We like the french vanilla bean macaron from FPB - the Francois Payard Bakery down in the West Village - this one has the creamy smooth aromatic taste of vanilla and the macaron has the perfect contrast of creamy and chewiness, we usually get whole boxes of just this one flavor.